Ole lynggaard

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was founded in 1963 in Hellerup, North of Copenhagen, by the goldsmith Ole Lynggaard. A lifelong fascination with precious stones and metals took Ole Lynggaard all over the world, where he refined and practised his handcraft, before his travels brought him back to Denmark, where the first collection was created in his name. In 1992, the designer and goldsmith Charlotte Lynggaard started in the family business, where today she has the role of creative director. Søren Lynggaard - Ole Lynggaard's son - has worked in the company for many years and in 2003 was appointed managing director. Both grew up with a passion for handcraft, which they both live out in their own specialist areas. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN has Scandinavia's largest goldsmith workshop, where a large part of the production takes place. The close contact to the goldsmiths means that Charlotte and Ole can follow the development and production at close quarters and constantly ensure that the handcrafted jewellery lives up to the family's high demands for quality and design.